Tip: Organize a real estate tour in minutes.

Bizzio Benefit

"This is the biggest time saver I've found in Bizzio.  I create a tour project, invite all the tour participants, and add the itinerary details and files to each deal.   I get feedback and input from my connections even before we've gotten in the car.  During the tour, we take notes, add photos, and assign tasks (using Bizzio and our handy IPad or IPhone).  At the end of the trip, we are all on the same page. Best of all?  No more huge three-ring binders to create and tote around!" — Retail Rep




Tip:  Export data into Excel and create instant reports

Bizzio Benefit

"My partner and I were in a meeting last week talking about a vacant restaurant space. The proposed tenant had declined, and we needed a second option. I sorted our potential restaurants by square foot and came up with a list of possibilities.  I exported it to Excel, and instantly had a report with all the details.  (BTW -  Being good at details, I had entered data into all the fields!)" — Shopping Center Consultant












Tip:  Bizzio email—one tool you won't find anywhere else.

Bizzio Benefit

"Most of us in the office real estate world do business electronically through email or text.  It's such a time saver to see all the files I have for a specific deal at the bottom of the email page.   I don't  have to search for the right files every time I send out an email about the deal." —Commercial Office Broker







Tip: Create a project team.



It's Quick.  Just Like Popup Store

Your commercial real estate team changes with each new deal.
New sites.  New people.  New clients.
Use Bizzio as your "team base,"
and each member gets up to speed just by logging into Bizzio.
Current information.   Instant communication.   24/7 reporting.
It's simple, effective, and quick.    Just like a popup store! 

Bizzio makes it easy to be part of a project no matter your role or location.

1. Invite


2.  Assign


3.  Talk


Create your Bizzio team