1. Organize your projects and connections.

Replace your filing cabinet with Bizzio.

Ditch the label maker, manilla folders and briefcase and start managing your deals electronically.  Bizzio organizes your real estate activities by project. If you represent a property, add the property name as the project. If you represent a retailer, add the retailer name as the project.   Choose what fields you want to track, and you're ready to start adding deals.

Who will be working with you on the project?  Who should see all the information? Invite them to the project and impress them with your organizational skills.

Hint:  Bizzio is great for real estate tours.  Use your iPad to access all the files you need on the road.

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2. Move your space from "vacant" to "leased."

Deals are always changing.  Bizzio makes it easy to follow their progress.

Deals are where you'll measure success.  Add a deal and give it a status. If you represent a property, you can track vacant space, target tenants, deals in LOI or under construction.  Use the default categories or customize your own.

Bizzio helps you track every stage of the deal from beginning to end.  Simply edit the deal's category (IE) or drag the deal into a new category (Mac) and voila! you've updated your project. 

Best of all, everyone on the project knows the status of every deal.

Hint:  Click "Tasks" on the deal tab (see below) to track important dates or to assign to-dos.

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3. Access your files in and out of the office.

Bizzio keeps everything in one place.  No more lost documents.

Choose files and put all your lease plans, LOIs, photos, contracts and travel receipts to Bizzio and access them from anywhere.  No more re-sending files to that "unorganized" client or co-worker.  "It's on Bizzio!"  Use the "Add Folder" feature to manage files— even edit the file name after it's uploaded.

Bringing a new person on board?  Invite them to the project and they immediately have access to all the files related to a deal.  No more emails with huge files attached or snail mail packages.

Hint:  Keep your bookkeeper happy.  Bizzio is a great place to save receipts and invoices related to a particular deal or project.

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4. Find emails and comments by deal.

Lost emails are a headache!  Bizzio cures the problem. 

Use the email function when you want to send an email specifically related to one deal.  Copy the people who need the information and receive responses tied to that deal.  

The emails stay in "Comments" and can be retrieved without searching through hundreds of unrelated emails.

Hint: Once files are downloaded into a deal, they automatically appear at the bottom of the email screen.  Each time you send an email related to that deal, you can choose which files to send (or none) without downloading or hunting for lost files.

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Just a few more points to consider.

  • Bizzio is cost effective.  Compare it to other deal tracking systems, and you'll agree.
  • Bizzio eliminates the need for separate spreadsheets for every project
  • Bizzio is IPhone, Android, IPad and computer friendly.